A tack you will not know

I sailed with a conviction
Into waters strange to me
Alien navigation
Another world breaking,
Over stern words,
Worlds we flee.

Nights were warm
Blew over me
Balmy till the dawn
My purpose bound in hope
No vision of horrors unborn.

Then from the tannoy, blistering
The dream into array
Words of warning
'Heed me,
About turn,
Or come what may.'

From the skies an evil spin
Thundered upon our deck
Before events unfolded
Our vessel now a wreck,

Masks began their revealing
Nothing to the death
Deep waters began rising
We drowned
Out of breath,

Defence became a suicide
As friends left to the unknown
Paradise lost, defeated
Prophecy sinking, blown,

Our cargo, dead weight,
Sustenance, disdained,
Stretchers saturated
Filled canvasses, blood stained.

My heart dies, has departed
For hate has ripped it clean
From the cavity of hope
Is captured, ransomed, weaned,
Upon the breast of despair
Suckled, broken, bereft
I sail on, homeless
To those for whom we left.

Their arms now my only longing
Their embrace the only thought
Itinerant collective
Rivering tears, embodied, distraught,

Amassed in the struggle,
A tack you will not know
As we search the winds eternal
A fortune for the under tow.
We go.

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