Furled (11.7.09)


I woke up this morning

Chimed into the day

Went through my ablutions

Wash, dress and pray.

I left my room

Through the corridor swept

Creaking doors led to others

They slept, I crept.

I called to the beds

‘Wake and be ready,

Say your prayers, make haste,

Breakfast, we’ve made ye.’

There was one girl weeping

As often she did

At her bedside, kneeling

I approached, she hid.

‘What is it child?’

I was of course in a rush

‘My bed sheets’ she wept

‘They’re, ruined, they’re wet.’

The tirade through my brain,

‘Get up child, at once,

Pull your skirt to your shoulder,

This is a bed, not a font.’

From the fold of my dress

I pawed til I found

The double strapped leather

That the cobbler had bound

Her bare cheeks waited tense

‘Relax, or you’ll get more’

She let them fall down

Into her I tore.

I think she was screaming

But I couldn’t hear

As the lash passed my head

Deafened mine ear.

She fell, ‘On your feet,

Gain some control,

Why every night?

Do you enjoy such a toll?’

Eventually I stopped

Washing was to be done

Girls to re-order

Evil to shun.

Breakfast was in silence

Save for that sound

Of obedience, adherents

Trustfully bound.

The day passed by

Without major event

The Priest paid a visit

Had confessions, then left.

Some girls looked distraught

As they left his room

Finally, they’ve confessed,

And not a bit too soon.

Once all were asleep

I retired back to here

De-robed and prayed

Made sure my mind was clear.

I fell asleep in a moment

Not a problem in the world

Save for the children

Their sin sadly furled.

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