won moment (3.5.09)

won moment

I hate the fact that you’ve won me
Persuaded me to your cause
I subscribe to all you market
I move in order to applaud.
I hate the fact that I uphold
The existence you have, they crave
Caught up in celebrity’s essence
The master and the slave.
I hate the response I give you
Just because you offer a glance
My existence overshadowed
By the significance
The song and dance.
I hate the way a relationship
Is built, is nothing but fantasy
The spotlight on your every move
Silhouettes shift so awkwardly.
I hate the credence we give to those
Who are the idol, who are disposed
Whose private lives are public domain
Whose pleasure is secret pain.
I hate the truth that lies beneath
Hidden, disguised, all is neat
I hate it because it deserves to shine
In a balance where yours is mine
(And mine is yours,
of course).

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