Technology is a lie (4.3.09)

Technology is a lie

Technology is a lie

(A war cry)

Selling futures, selling hope

Efficient, guaranteed methods

With which modernity copes.

Technology promises

A dowry unending

Leaves the poor at the altar

With everything pending

It sets up a call center 

In the shadow of the shanty

Lifelines to the beneficiaries

On hold

In the pantry.

Technology lights

Burns and exhales

And prompts the new wave

Tornados and gales

That blow through the roofs tops

Of the nations that champion

Its virtues and wonder

An uneconomic sanction.

Technology fuels

The desires of hearts

Burning (indigestion?)

It instigates, starts

The process of betterment

For those who subscribe

We do not deliver

To those who derive

Their existence from survival

Who aspire to the advances

Of finding a meal

Whilst the silhouette dances

He dances, a shadow,

ipod flails wide

He is everything aspired to

Invisible, a lie.

Technology is the future

Bound up in a present

Never fully unwrapped

Just constantly sent

From the designer

To consumer

From pillar

To post

Where we find ourselves


Is crashed

  is lost


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