Sleeping beauty (15.5.08)

Sleeping Beauty

I never believed in fairytale Kingdoms …

Until it was that I met God,

And I then I went to church,

And saw that everyone had forgot.

Sleeping Beauty occupied the alter

     And I approached with wary steps

Where is the vibrant


I felt somewhat inept.

Confused and without guidance

I continued on, I crept,

     toward the dormant beauty,

I was drawn,

I was under her command –

     A radiance abounded

     from that hanging,

    grasping hand.

I looked around with intent,

Sought advice from those around,

     But nothing was reverberated,

There was a distinct

absence of


I turned my head back to the Beauty,

in slumber,

Was she aware?

That the Kingdom was in free fall,

I moved closer,



     Would this all fall down around me?

       Was this a veil of deceit?

  Once chanced I knew in my 

                                          heart beat,

  That there would no restorative


    I sensed that this was eternal,

      that once woken,

no turning back,

Was this testimony to my courage,

      Or evidence of all I lack?

Steady, I made moves forward,

      Transfixed and focused,


Took her hand

and shed my glance

    To her top from her exposed feet.

I looked at the face,


I hoped for life to breathe,

At that moment her eyes were opened,

            I had no other need.

The Kingdom became thriving

                Life blossomed,

          bloomed around.

Suddenly there was nothing

Of beauty that couldn’t be found,

I knelt, I wept, I praised God,

     I knew, I saw, I felt,

The Kingdom was now present,

and the future Heaven sent.

    We went.

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