Sanctity of purpose (10.5.09)

Sanctity of purpose

Sanctity of purpose

Scarcity of rhyme

Mixed up notions amble

On in spite of time

Keep the truth handy

Glove compartment, insecure

A revolver in the digits

Carousels we all procure

In the name of seeking thrills

Coconut and shy

Bowled over for a coin

The gamble is a lie

In which hope discloses promise

But promise is away

Dancing on the syntax

Dancing the words away

And yet the rabbit bounces

From the top hat every night

It's ears getting longer

Retires a hare, a deformed sight

Smoking clowns skulk in shadows

Masked, invisible

Craving the gallows

Drenched sponges shed their fill

Til the ground becomes a river

Swollen, running on

The tears a tributary

Emotion flows, is gone

And purpose is a felled tree

Rolling toward the drop

As the waterfall gathers momentum

To lead to go, lead to stop


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