Reach / out of reach (4.5.09)

Reach / out of reach

Why is my faith not enough

A fumbling, mumbling, feeble bluff

That comes to the rescue,

Comes to the fore

Presents itself a candidate

When more is prompting more.

It is a voice muffled

Gainst the reverberating din

Modernity's race of progress

The distance from our sin,

Science offers adverts

Join and never again

See the sand transparent

Glass shatters when in pain.

Prayer is but a soliloquy

A speech put out to tender

Take me up I dare you

Odds go good, good to slender.

Maintaining the simple

Walking while one talks

Is a leap beyond me

Is a shadow that stalks,

Restrain is but an order

And distance beckons close

The door behind you

A jar

Draft through it blows,

An air of drifting permanence

Hangs, gallows wait to beseech

This is the will, a freebie

Given freely, given to each,

Now reach

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