Ranking (30.3.99)


I want lolly-pops and 

buckets and spades,

jelly and ice-cream,

plastic cups of lemonade.

I want a need to do today

and never worry about tomorrow

I want a need to do today

and not to think of yesterday.

I want to laugh ‘till it hurts,

then sleep in the car,

I want to go to the park

and for the journey to seem far.

I want to look in the skies

on a snowy Christmas Eve

and know that he’s coming,

to get excited and believe.

I want to stay up late,

get tired watching T.V

and look forward to the weekend,

when I’d see my Daddy.

I need to see an existence,

when nothing else matters,

except doing today

and going to bed shattered.

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