Puppet (2.2.07)


You say I expect a puppet

Someone to dance for me on a string

Controlled and dependent

But this to me means not a thing.

I am confused to hear I don’t listen

When the words I hear resound

With heart-felt replies, emotion

As always abound, are found.

To be denied blood in the name of the stubborn

To be turned down and round and out

To be shut out and rejected

Causes pain, anger, the desire to shout.

And it takes all within me

Takes that which I cannot claim to be my own,

A resistance necessary and impossible

possible to prevent

To see this overthrown,

And past the current funk

That hangs and suffocates

I look to the horizon,

Commit to memory and take

solace from the truth,

From the perspective we’ll soon possess,

Looking back

Moving on,

Back to all that matters,

Everything more

And nothing less,


     and still 

      stringless –


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