Pain's interrogation (17.5.00)

Pain’s Interrogation

‘Mr Scott, I now blindfold you

I’ll now black out all around

You can hear the footsteps now,

So much more aloud.

Oh the sweat drips from your forehead

And those sweet tears scar your face

But who can hear you in here

Who’s chartered this here place?

Oh, kneel Mr Scott and quiet please, I pray

Can you feel this, my gun?’

Barrel beckons bullet

‘And to me this is just fun.

What can you see, now I mean

in those black cotton folds,

Those visions in your mind, 

Mental treasure chests of gold.

No, I thought not, oh weep you fool, weep

But listen when I say

This be your first, this be your last

But you’ll always hear 

this gun blast.’ 

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