June Carter Cash, in faith (28.12.06)

June Carter Cash, in Faith

When everybody's looking for a June Carter

A piece to erase a conversation starter

The plan just isn’t sustainable

Life just ain’t tenable

Cause dreams of wild rodeo’s, bucking the trend

Fantasies of hearts healing, eased to mend

Won’t pay the rent in the suburb darling

Won’t provide goods for the meantime darling

And June Carter rested on the shoulders of Cash

Spirit breathing, spirit living, beauty-queen sash

But the legacy of the man in black

Rhythm for his blues, the pathway out of the crack

Was that love of the kind to which most are blind

Is a spiral, soul winner, so hard to find

And it does indeed burn, this circular furnace

Out from within, sometimes a burden

But the only thing saving us from us

Is the promise of a higher trust

Born of the souls seeking right

Fidelity, whole, begging us to react

With the courage of lions, the guts of a man

Torn away from everything without a plan

Building for himself an empire true

Beating to the step of rhythm and blues

Dogged by the past - spurred by the light

Future in his hands, holding tight

Til the dawn burns bright, casts all aside

And rewarded are those that see, confide

The drum beats loud in the ears of those

Finally rolling in the tears and glow

Of power in the form of a plane unknown

Germination now of all once sown

Released to a place only angels have flown

This is our peace, this is our cease

This is the dichotomy of of our disease

This is the time, this is the place, this the dichotomy

We each must face

                               in faith.

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