Incinerate, create (27.4.01)

Incinerate, create

When the forest burns ablazing

And fire leaps the trees

And nothing in man’s power

Can beat the hairdryer breeze,

When the floor is turned to ashes

And the hoses efforts to gas

The destruction seems to obliterate

All that lies its path.

And yet from these coals come beauty

A freshness of grass and flower

Soon the woods hold again

That environmental power,

The animals feed once more

And the birds make new nest

Activity consumes

And no longer reigns the mess.

Light the blue touch paper

Ignite the words to come

For it’s in the vulnerability

Revelation is indeed done.

See beyond smoke rising

Neither attack nor defend

But let the flames go dancing

For soon they’re sure to end.

And after all has smouldered

After it has passed

The brightest word will glisten

From that burnt-out flare, the last,

No longer on it’s knees

But rooted in a cause

The forest breathes vitality

In the distance … waterfall … applause …

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