Hide and weak (18.10.06)

Hide and weak

Withdraw, recede

Self-pity and greed

Wallow and sink

And fall and think

About the things that strike deep right now

About the feeling, but not about how

The situation came about

The need to scowl

The need to fight

For in the eyes of truth, 

Which stare,

Is the reflection 


‘This is not fair’

For love is not a cloak for gain

Does not disappear in the darkness of pain

Yet somehow


Or so it seems

You can misplace

Your cloak of grace.

Hide face.

For the game of hide

Is for the weak

And I am not counting

Before I seek

To make a mends and carry on

I am ready


And on

When, o when

Will the day rise

When into this truth

You see

And arise

Above and beyond

Worry and fear

And objective


And we are near,

Together, as one

Loving and on,

Bound and tight

With truth our sight,

O when?

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