Go forth and multiply (30.5.99)

Go forth and multiply

As we move into an unknown era

And nothing as ever is any clearer

As the end has past

And new ends are created

Waste not this time so eagerly awaited.

Conform to wishes, dreams, ambitions

Not the archaic, human condition

Fear not the options

Follow the blind

Take all from adrenaline

And here you will find

A place, a fortune

A means, a rest

A richness in person

A personal best

A test of person

A reason for living

A need to fulfil

To take, after giving.

In lives so varied

And paths under construction

Fate is decided

Let us see its production

No fear of failure

No reason to stop

No doubt in direction

Aim for the top

Seeking success

Being who we are

Make sure you remember

There’s no limit in how far.

Put into context grades and exams

Be who you are, for it’s all in your hands

Listen not to society and all that it preaches

And speak for yourself, cast away any weakness

Be who you are and demonstrate your ways

Because fellow leavers, these are the days …

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