flood (17.4.00)


Bullied like a child

Shown images obscene

Mystery surrounds all

All seems pretty, clean.

I can’t see the devastation

getting any clearer

Or as to why, though done

no wrong, I’m punished

now to see her.

Flooded like the meadow

Buried, all once nice,

Beneath the silt and river bedding

No bounds, she rolls, skin shedding.

The flowers wilt, cattle cling

Like the fruit in the wind to trees

And at their feet, without a care

The river gently laps, as if to tease.

As she regresses, back and forth  

The level recedes, returns to its norm

The destruction left in her wake

Will do little to change

Or warn.

I like the river at my feet

To absorb her pleasured waters

I can’t see the reason

In drowning me now

Damn, something 



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