enough is enough (3.5.09)

enough is enough

I had it all
I wanted more
I sought perfection
Found perfection's flaw
I needed security
Needed risk
Pursued the established
But impulse whisked
Me off to scenes too good to be true
Left me trailing without a clue
I clawed and wrestled,
Pleaded for peace
Of mind, of cake
To eat it and stop
To enjoy and cease
But appetite builds
Responds to greed
Builds the illusion
That we all need
The best, the perfect
The right and true
The perfect fit
Just for you
But tailored is a luxury dead
A distraction only
From an ugly head
That fails to balance
Nor reconcile
The pace of satisfied
The speed and style
Of lives that prosper
Lives that fail
Enough is enough
I wish
I bail

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