Christmas Goose (17.5.00)

Christmas Goose

Whispering in my ear

Like an angel in the night

The sweetest sounds

Peace, the air, resounds.

Tip-toeing her fingers

Like a soldier through the night

Tantalising tenderness

Love’s arms hold, caress.

Eyes lighting gently

The scene tranquil warm

The midnight moon silhouettes the skin,

All soon is torn.

Screams in the ear canal

Like a train through a tunnel

Send reverberations rocketing

Clogging up this funnel

Blocking flow, the constants go

All anarchy breaks loose

And reason, ration, coherence

Lay neck broken,

    Christmas goose.

Carcass picked, bones lay bare

Gore contrasts, white on red

Rotting away slow in the sun

Battered, baked, bled.

Tomorrow in full plume

Like the swan protected by her Queen

This scene, this break, heart


Will have gone 

and will soon have been.

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