Bill and Tom (9.5.01)

Bill and Tom

‘Have you been Bill?’ asked Tom

And he answered with some aplomb

‘Been where?’ He wondered

‘You know?’ Said Tom

‘Been to the place, oh, come on.’

And Bill he scratched his head ‘til bare

What’s he on about? Oh what despair

Then it dawned like a torch from the night

‘Oh come on, enough of that, just tell me all right?’

Tom looked perplexed

I’ve done no wrong, 

He thought in his mind

And thought on it long

‘No, you see, Bill, listen in

I’m talking to you now, like a next of kin

Have you been there?’

‘Are you being rude?’

‘No! What on earth?’ Head down, feeling subdued.

‘Have you known a place rich in all

A place where the people all stand tall

Where no one knows what it is to be bad’

‘But, Tom, we still, you know, get to play the lad?’

‘Bill, Bill, Bill’

‘What’s that Tom?’

‘The place I mention you’ll see before long’

‘Oh come on you tease, what is this land

Where all is so plentiful, tell me now is my demand.’

‘Patience Bill, all will be revealed

Make sure you’re ready

Check your excess

What’ll happen then is anybody’s guess.’

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