the bed inept (3.5.09)

the bed inept

What is this world

Of fame and wealth

Exposure, privacy

Ultimate health

Innocent eyes

And worn out glances

The masses wonder

The mass it dances

Blown away

Dandelion seeds

Drifting on

Celebrity breeze

Landing, planting

Patiently grown

To spawn more seedlings

To become the unknown

That tick and tock

That go round-a-bout

Each day, each night

Each moment

A sight

Which sees the potential

Fade away

Beneath spotlights enamoured

With jesters that play

To those that listen

Those that thrive

Those that wish

Those that dive

Into the lagoon

In search of depth

Never to discover

The bed inept

For fidelity left

When you committed

To notions of more

When greed outwitted

The core within you

The love, joy and peace

You lost perspective

Now you are weak

(eyes leak).

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