Away and stray from me (13.5.09)

Away and stray from me

Away and stray from me

Take your leave,

Take your power,

Delay no longer here

I want space

I hold no fear.

Walk silent, walk alone


The sun it shone

A light into your mind

Take heed

New sight

You're blind.

The track will guide you


I've known, some time, the one

That winds and offers little


In the ways, the brittle


That changes with the wind

Signs appear conclusive

Turned around



Destined beyond favour

Drawn, incomplete

Nurtured by those chosen

Hand picked

Intent, frozen.

Never, as though written,

Freed and free to roam

You will know a torment

Dark shadows, voices

Set the tone,

Play out your days in ignorance

Fear your nights, ney drink

For sights too bleak for recognition

Sand in which you sink.

I will forget about you

And no doubt recall again

Intention will not suspend you

A bridge, a dying flame

That flickers in the half light

Sickens in the day

For you are set

Are solid

In the void

Away and stray



Away and stray


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